Red Cross Interactive Experience Room

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Concept development, curation, management, experience, spatial and interior design

Red Cross is the largest humanitarian aid organization in the world and helps in everyday life and during disasters. 

In collaboration, ArtRebels created an interactive experience room in their new voluntary house located in Copenhagen. The design studio Spacon & X created the spatial design made of scaffolding and ArtRebels were responsible of the overall concept, exhibition design and curating.

The idea behind the room was to make it possible for people visiting Red Cross to explore the work of the organization with all the senses. Here you’re allowed to touch everything, in fact all the objects and installations call for interaction; whether is Virtual Reality, protein biscuits, a tent of lost children or a first-aid doll in a cave waiting for being revived.

The hope is to give a sensory experience of what it's like to be in a war-affected area as an aid worker. The experience starts out by putting on an aid worker’s uniform; sticking your feet into some rubber boots filled with a mud-sensation and grabbing your field bag.

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