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Concept development, curation, art, design, technology, workshops, talks, exhibitions

Trailerpark I/O was curated like a magazine but in physical form. Throughout an entire day people could walk around and explore a microcosmos of futuristic and visionary ideas presented in five different formats: exhibitions, labs, talks, talents and film.

Trailerpark I/O was a one day event during Trailerpark Festival, a spectacular three-day music, arts and technology festival situated in the heart of Copenhagen. The festival presented the best talents from a wide range of creative subcultures combined with 30 live concerts, local and international DJ’s, and a festival area unlike anywhere else.

Each year Trailerpark Festival presented a lineup of great contemporary artists who transformed the entire festival area with unique artworks that were produced especially for the festival. Expressions of all kinds were showcased on the grounds – from installations and art murals to performance arts and mind-blowing light design.

For the 2016 edition of I/O, the focus was on The Spying Society, Virtual Worlds, Conversational Interfaces, Computational Creativity and Responsive Materials

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