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Artwork: Random Nacho Walker

    • The Nordic Council of Ministers

    • Strategy & Future Thinking

    The Nordic Council of Ministers is the official political co-operation between the nordic countries. At COP23 they wanted to shake things up by using artistic expression to shed light on the massive issues our food system poses to our climate issues.

    The Museum of Food

     – An exhibition about endangered foods.

    The Museum of Food was an installation at COP23 in Bonn consisting of nine time capsules that captured the essence of foods endangered by climate change. The piece aimed to simulate a very much genuine future and thus stimulate an alternative discourse.

    • Working with IKEA

    • Strategy & Future Thinking

    Pushing a global corporation towards a better tomorrow

    The Swedish icon and worldwide furniture supplier IKEA needs little introduction. ArtRebels has been working closely with IKEA for almost half a decade.

    Whether we design limited collections or build future living labs, we always strive to push IKEA into new territories and explore how we can support their vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people in new and meaningful ways.


    It all started with Bräkig – a limited collection designed for young people living in small spaces, made with an ArtRebels touch and feel. We curated and facilitated the process from initial idea to final product and on to the launch strategy and execution. Bråkig went on to become a huge global success and was sold out in all markets within a few months of the release.

    IKEA Urban

    IKEA Urban was a conceptual and strategic project commissioned by Inter-IKEA Systems – the global owner of the brand, concept and franchise IKEA. Our task was to present a vision for how IKEA could rethink the big blue box in an urban context by introducing a concept store format designed to foster community, sustainability and new experiences.

    The Infinite Meatballs by chef and food designer Bo Lindegaard


    The relationship with IKEA culminated in 2015 when we launched SPACE10 – a future living lab designed to create a better, more meaningful and sustainable life for the many people. SPACE10 is set up as an external and independent non-profit and is to date the most successful concept spun out of ArtRebels. In particular, SPACE10 has proven itself as a global leader exemplifying how we can rethink the entire client/agency model and relationship.

    • Made in Space

    • Culture & Experience Design

    Made in Space was a 3-day festival exploring alternative futures through a combination of talks, workshops, concerts, experiences and art installations.

    ArtRebels curated the entire art-program and designed experiences that staged complex and substantial topics in accessible and emotionally engaging ways.

    Cloud 9

    Cloud 9 was a dreamy inflatable space commissioned for Made in Space. Complete with four tons of salt and lights by Obscura Vertigo Cloud 9 hosted everything from concerts and parties to talks and workshops.

    From space to space


    Blip Blub Hub

    Karman Line

    The Piece “KÁRMÁN LINE” interpreted the transition between earth and space, thus creating an entry point to a different world.

    • Trailerpark Festival

    • Culture & Experience Design

    Trailerpark Festival was a spectacular 3-day music, arts and technology festival in Copenhagen. Running exactly 10 years the festival explored the intersection between different creative disciplines, thus creating a truly multisensory experience.

    Community dinner during build-up of Trailerpark Festival 2015





    Installations was a vital part of the visual environment at the festival. We curated up-and-coming artist and gave them a platform to explore and develop their characteristics.

    Challenging the on-site-branding doctrine that has been embedded in the festival culture for many years, Trailerpark wanted to do a “logo-free”-festival where commercial partnership was an integral and visually pleasing part of the entire scenography.

    Trailerpark Festival aimed to create a platform for local artist, designers, musicians, and creative souls that wanted to challenge the traditional way of doing creative projects.

    • Red Cross

    • Culture & Experience Design

    Red Cross Denmark wanted to make their existence more engaging and interactive towards the younger part of their target audience

    Red Cross Denmark is rescuing lives and equips people to cope with crises and disasters. We helped make their sometimes complex and a slightly distant messages more engaging by creating an experience room that targets school children.

    The experience room

    was created together with Spacon & X and aimed to make an emotionally engaging and interactive experience that simulated a life in the flashpoints of the world.

    The dilemma-game

    sheds light on the ethical dilemmas one can be exposed to in crisis situations.





    The audience is asked to put on a pair of boots that mimics the feeling of constantly walking in mud as refugees experience in camps around the world.

    The VR experience

    showcases different scenarios where Red Cross makes a difference around the world.


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