ArtRebels is a curious, creative studio committed to creating positive change.

Artwork: Random Nacho Walker

ArtRebels is an independent creative studio committed to leading positive change in society. We merge craft, curiosity and imagination, to push limits and design meaningful experiences. 

We are strong believers in the power of art and culture as social change drivers and using great design to storytell and spark conversations that moves us forward and beyond the current commercial agenda. We help our clients find creative ways to contribute to society in meaningful  ways. We turn dreams into reality based on strategy, concept design and production know-how.


ArtRebels Community consists of a curated network of radical creatives and forward-thinking specialists who all lead different emerging movements and set tomorrows direction in their respective fields. Our business model is rooted in a collaborative model, ideal for ensuring tailor made solutions, be they self-initiated or client focussed.
Our rebel philosophy is rooted in the belief that each of us can reach our full creative potential, if and only if, our deepest held values align with our professional aspirations.

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Memories and snapshots from 11 years of events, festivals, branding initiatives, collaborations, guerilla projects, innovative exhibitions, design, parties and much much more.


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