We’re devoted to leading positive change in our complex and uncertain world

ArtRebels is a cultural studio and creative community for unconventional thinking. We merge craft, curiosity and imagination to push boundaries and design solutions that moves us toward a more humane, social and sensible future.


We are firm believers in the power of art, design and culture to shape societal change. With thoughtful design and strategic creativity we aim to test limits and foster new and unexpected perspectives for the future.

Our approach works in contrast to the current commercial agenda and allows us to create value by building cultural engagement and social impact. We turn dreams into reality using strategy, concept design and production know-how.


Our working method is rooted in a collaborative and cross-disciplinary model – we know that the most impactful work is produced when the most adept and eccentric teams are assembled.    

Over the past decade of working with rebels and subversives, we’ve stayed close with the best of them and forged our ArtRebels Community – a curated network of radical creatives and forward-thinking specialists who are leading movements and shamelessly reflecting their ideals through their work.

How we work

What We Do


Memories and snapshots from 11 years of events, festivals, branding initiatives, collaborations, guerilla projects, innovative exhibitions, design, parties and much much more.  


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