• Self-initated Project
    • SPACE10

    • Strategy & Future Thinking


    In 2015, at the peak of our long and fruitful relationship with the Swedish furniture giant IKEA, we launched together SPACE10—a future-living lab on a mission to create better and more sustainable ways of living. SPACE10 supports IKEA in gaining new perspectives, discovering new opportunities and, above all, finding new ways of fulfilling their vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people.

    SPACE10 operates as an external and independent non-profit and has, over the past three years, explored and developed projects in areas like shared living, digital fabrication and distributed manufacturing, local and sustainable food and the inclusive applications of new technologies like AR, machine learning and conversational interfaces.

    A creative intervention to conceive a better life for the many people

    A playground for vital ideas

    The model of SPACE10 and its relationship with IKEA has emerged as a pioneering example of how corporations can experiment with new ways of increasing their social and cultural impact in parallel to their core business offerings. Rather than making incremental changes to IKEA’s business, SPACE10 explores global challenges and aims to design entirely new solutions for tomorrow’s world.

    Playful research and captivating stories

    SPACE10 has become, among many other things, a producer of well-crafted narratives that dissect pressing societal themes and package them in ways that engage vast and unlikely audiences. 

    By diving into insights, facts and research in playful and vibrant ways, SPACE10 are able to spark excitement and engagement and inspire people to get involved.

  • Self-initated Project
    • Social Service Club

    Helping to strike a more meaningful existence in our hyper-digital, climate-affected and often-divided world

    Social Service Club is our newest project—a movement and platform to cultivate human potential and regain a sense of control and agency in our wild, changing world.

    Social Service Club explores, experiments and speculates new ways of stimulating human potential and supporting people to strive toward more purposeful and meaningful lives.  

    Social Studio

    The Studio is the thumping heart of Social Service Club—it’s where ideas and concepts are conceived, and where they design, research and execute projects to help people find fulfillment and holistic sense of wellbeing.

    The Farm

    The Farm is a nature sanctuary outside of Copenhagen and the Club’s stirring hub of creative research and human development. The Farm will be the home and playground of thinkers, doers and leaders in residence, as well as the terrain for courses and academies focused on things like leadership development and self-transformational journeys.

    Club Meetings

    Club Meetings will be testing ground for a range of event and experience formats—from academies and talks to exhibitions and pop-ups. Club Meetings are about gathering communities, sharing ideas and shamelessly celebrating our collective creativity.

  • Self-initated Project
    • Trailerpark Festival

    • Culture & Spatial Design

    Trailerpark Festival was a spectacular three-day cultural festival in Copenhagen, built entirely from scratch each year by a committed crew of friends and volunteers—from the concept and artworks to the furniture and stages. Running for 10 sweet years, the festival seeked out and presented the best talents from a wide range of creative subcultures within music, art, technology and design.

    Community dinner during build-up of Trailerpark Festival 2015




    Hand-built installations and experiences were an essential part of the atmosphere of the festival. Each year ArtRebels curated a schedule of established and emerging creatives to co-create the festival and making it a unique and heartfelt wonderland.

    The Trailerpark stages were stomping ground for both underground and well-known performers from Denmark, Europe and beyond.

    Challenging the on-site branding doctrine that has been embedded in festival culture for many years, Trailerpark ignored conventions and presented itself as a ‘logo-free’ festival. 









    Commercial partnerships were communicated through sponsor-supported artist works that contributed to the entire scenography and in turn provided brands with living and breathing documentation.

  • Self-initated Project
    • Made in Space

    • Culture & Spatial Design

    A hybrid event exploring alternative future scenarios closely connected to the world and work of SPACE10.

    Through a combination of talks, workshops, concerts, experiences and art installations the event spent three days exploring alternate futures and themes like circular societies, coexistence and digital empowerment.

    Spatial design

    Along with our ArtRebels community we conceptualised, designed, curated and built several multifunctional spaces that laid stage for complex topics to be contemplated in accessible and emotionally engaging ways.

    Among the most sensational was Cloud 9—a dreamy, inflatable and diaphanous space commissioned for Made in Space. Complete with four tons of salt and lights designed by Obscura Vertigo, Cloud 9 hosted everything from concerts and parties to conversations and workshops.

    From space to space

    Art in Space

    We trust in the capacity of art to offer unusual perspectives. We curated the entire Made in Space art & performance programme to make space throughout the festival for some thoughtful moments of poetic awareness.


    Blip Blub Hub

    Karman Line

    The Piece “KÁRMÁN LINE” interpreted the transition between earth and space, thus creating an entry point to a different world.

  • Self-initated Project
    • Trailerpark I/O

    • Strategy & Future Thinking

    Trailerpark I/O

    Trailerpark I/O was a one-day experience within Trailerpark Festival designed to amplify curiosity, celebrate ideas and showcase what happens when art, design and technology mix. Trailerpark I/O was curated like a magazine but in physical form. People could explore a microcosmos of futuristic and visionary ideas presented in five different formats: exhibitions, labs, talks, talents and film.


    VR bike by Lars Bindslev

    Smileplastic stools by Opendesk

    CIID student exhibitions


    Thought leaders and progressive frontrunners at the intersection of technology and creativity were invited to share their excitement and perspectives on the future.


    Trailerpark I/O was a whirlwind of lasers, lights, sensors, sounds and virtual reality. It was packed with installations, prototypes and ideas made by artists, inventors and designers.


    Trailerpark I/O’s Labs existed in an arena where the exploratory approach trumps the fear of failing and where collaboration is more important than showing off. Lab members were invited to engage and co-create on themes like surveillance, digital fabrication, virtual reality, and conversational interfaces.

    B-R-I-A-N Computer virus vending machine by Thomas Sandahl

    Circular Product Development lab by KPH projects, Creature & Incita

    Jaywalking by Dries Depoorter Turning live surveillance feeds into unsettling works of art


    We believe in nourishing and giving opportunities to new players in tomorrow’s creative ecosystem. Therefore, we invited some of the most progressive and inventive schools in the region to show off their work and ideas.


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