Nynne Rosenvinge

Copenhagen, Denmark

Nynne Rosenvinge is a Danish artist and designer based in Copenhagen. She designs interior products which are all produced in Denmark and sold in design shops worldwide. As an artist, Nynne makes illustrations and paintings characterised by being quite minimalistic, often non-figurative and contemporary. She integrates elements from her paintings into her illustrations (and vice versa) creating a unique and personal expression.

Conversation with Nynne Rosenvinge

Where are you from and where do you currently live?

I am born and raised in Denmark and I am currently living in the artistic district of Papir Øen in Copenhagen/Denmark.

When did you become an artist and what was your first project?  

I have always been a creative soul, but one of my first paid projects was at 15 and I designed some bracelets for a museum - a fun project which indeed encouraged me to do more "creative stuff". Since then, I have worked as an Art Director in the advertising field making numerous exciting projects ranging from graphic identities to international tv campaigns. Currently however, my main foucs is on the home decor- and fashion industry — constantly working on new interesting ideas.

Did you study art in school, if so where?

I studied at the Danish School of Advertising, with focus on Art Direction.

What inspires you? Any particular artists?

There are sooooooo many talented people and I admire so many artists and designers. I am in love with the designer Tom Dixon and the talented Danish artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen is amazing too.

What are some of the ideas behind your work?   

My ambition is to make accessible art which everybody can afford. I also produce locally in order to support my community. As regards to ideas behind my style, it is that I always try to keep my expression simple.

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