Monika Petersen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish artist Monika Petersen studied illustration at St Martins College of Art and Design in UK. The following years she worked in London before returning to Copenhagen where she is now based. Her work has been featured in many magazines including Elle, cover and Rum. Her designs has also been used on products: wallpaper, cups, pillows and recently a billboard campaign for BIC.
Today Monika works as a printmaker. Working on a large printing press she produces open and limited edition Lino Prints depicting large bold shapes like; a giant yellow lemon or a single gold leaf.

Conversation with Monika Petersen

Where are you from and where do you currently live? I am Danish and after several years living in London UK, I now have my base in Copenhagen.

When did you become an artist and what was your first project?  I think I was always an artist; my material has changed over the years but drawing and printmaking was always my main interest, creating book covers was my first paid job!

Did you study art in school, if so where? I went to St.Martins College of Art & Design in London, UK.

What inspires you? Any particular artists? I am very interested in form ; nature inspires me, here I find all the "treasures" like a Leaf or a fruit that I depict in my Lino Prints.

What are some of the ideas behind your work? I like my prints to exude a graphic calm and peaceful mood; where a modern expression is achieved using an old traditional craft like the Lino cut method.

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