lenschow & pihlmann

Copenhagen, Denmark

lenschow & pihlmann is an architecture studio based in Copenhagen consisting of the two co-owners Søren Thirup Pihlmann and Kim Lenschow Andersen. They both graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2014 and has worked together since then.

They have a shared passion for materials, shapes, aesthetics and the process they go through. In their opinion, one of the most fascinating elements of architecture, is how a building lives and evolves dynamically over a lifespan and how the marks tell the story about themselves. 

They won their first prize together with Mikael Stenström in the competition to design an Orangery for the baroque gardens of Gl. Holtegaard art gallery in 2015.

 Their projects are published in a series of architectural magazines and books, including the Swedish publication “Tidskriften RUM”. Articles are also published in the Norwegian architectural magazine “KOTE”

lenschow & pihlmann is currently occupied transforming an old farm house in Jutland, Denmark into student housing, which will be completed early 2017.

They have recently been selected to exhibit at the Danish pavilion “The Art of Many and The Right To Space” during the 15th Venice architecture biennale “Reporting From The Front”,  which can be viewed through November 2016 in Venezia.

Conversation with lenschow & pihlmann

Where are you from and where do you currently live?

We are a architect duo currently living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Kim moved from Norway to study architecture in copenhagen. Søren is originally from the Aarhus area, but also moved to copenhagen for his studies.

When did you become an artist and what was your first project?  

We started our architect studio first thing after a long collaboration during our studies.
Our first project was a pavillion for the CHART art fair, in 2014.

Did you study art in school, if so where?

We both studied at the Royal danish academy of fine arts, school of architecture.

What inspires you? Any particular artists?

We are inspired by unseen potentials found in our «common» environment. We, as architects, draw a lot of inspiration from the way things are built, or what they consist of.
We are inspired by many artists and other architects. Aagard Andersen from denmark, the photographer Bas Princen, Michael Heizer and Robert Smithson from the land art movement, to name a few.

These artists work in a quite fundamental way, which is very inspiring to us.

What are some of the ideas behind your work?   

We always try to look at inherent potentials when we start our works. This could be by looking at material in a new way, or looking at the potentials in an distinct old building.
We want to shift the focus away from the form, and towards the tectonic language of how things are made, because we believe there are so many inspiring and aesthetically beautiful potentials lying dormant here.

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