De Naakte Ontwerpers

The Hague, Netherlands

Conversation with De Naakte Ontwerpers

Where are you from and where do you currently live?

We are both Dutch, originally. Sam’s from a small village called Lisse, and Tommy was born in Utrecht. We both currently reside in The Hague, which is also where our studio is located.

When did you become an artist and what was your first project?  

Though we don’t necessarily define ourselves as ‘artists’ (we prefer ‘crazy inventors’ or maybe ‘interaction designers’, even if that’s a bit of a vague term), we have both concerned ourselves with creative endeavours for as long as we can remember. Sam’s more of the design guy, so he has a background in web- and graphic design, whereas Tommy was just drawing stuff all the time. Resonate is our first project together, in the sense that we developed the whole thing start to finish with the two of us.

Did you study art in school, if so where?

Yes. We both attended the Interactive/Media/Design course at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. It’s where we met, actually - we were in class together.

What inspires you? Any particular artists?

We tend to be inspired by a wide variety of influences, from artists to musicians (Nicolas Jaar, Aphex Twin, Actress, Oneohtrix Point Never) and a whole host of inspirational figures in our environment, like our moms.

What are some of the ideas behind your work?   

For Resonate, we started from this idea of immersion, the idea that the way you experience a piece music is extremely important. We’d noticed that people tend to enjoy music as an ancillary activity, to be enjoyed whilst doing something else. We, contrarily, believe that in order to actually truly appreciate music, it’s best to be completely immersed in it. Hence we created Resonate.

Having full control over an experience is a very important thing for us in general, actually. The way that a work is perceived can be controlled, and we enjoy thinking about all the factors that go into this.

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