About ArtRebels

A creative studio and community

At ArtRebels our undying passion is to support, promote and share creative and cultural talent. Our overall mission is to create opportunities for both upcoming and established micro entrepreneurs and social projects.


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Flæsketorvet 10
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ArtRebels first launched in 2007 as a community and network for creatives. Artists, musicians, designers, film makers, cultural activists and event makers united under one flag. ArtRebels has been behind music & art festivals, public art events, design and art projects for municipalities, brands and organisations and everything in between. The common denominator for everything we do at ArtRebels is our undying passion for pushing the boundaries and create new opportunities for both upcoming and established creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators across the world.

We are in the middle of building the new ArtRebels.com as the workspace of tomorrow - an open, digital studio for creative and talented personalities,  we can tap into and tailor-make teams of inspiring individuals for each project. 

Read about some of ArtRebels self-initiated projects

Self-initiated projects


Space10 is a future-living lab and exhibition space in the heart of Copenhagen. Our mission is to investigate the future of urban living by detecting major challenges that will impact people on a global scale, and exploring possible solutions. The overall goal is to create opportunities for a better and more sustainable way of living in the future.

Future-living lab and exhibition space

Space10 investigates the future of urban living through a series of labs. Each lab sets out to tackle a specific challenge, and unfolds through a number of talks, workshops, pitch nights, design residencies, exhibitions, collaborative projects, and other formats. In collaboration with our ever-growing community of visionary designers, artists, technologists, makers and creatives from around the world, we ideate and prototype ideas and solutions to major challenges the global community faces and exhibit them to the world.